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Wedding Music - Getting it Right

Wedding Music - Getting it Right

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A concise guide to planning and preparing the music for your wedding day. Used wisely, music can really enhance your wedding celebrations. The author includes lots of 'top tips' and guides for preparing the music for your civil wedding ceremony, evening entertainment and the all important first dance. It's a short book, designed to be read in 30 minutes, so it's a good read when you have some spare time during your lunch break.

You can read it on Kindle or the Kindle app on iPhone, iPad, android and PC.

The book includes a lot of information:

√ Preparing the music for your civil wedding ceremony
√ Your wedding reception - background music ideas
√ Your first dance 
√ The party - how to select the music
√ Compiling your request list or play list
√ Using an mp3 player instead of a DJ at a wedding reception
√ The last dance - choosing an 'inclusive' piece of music
√ Dance floor distractions and how to minimise the effect
√ Choosing what is right for you on your wedding day
√ Wedding ceremony music check list
√ Request form - information to give to your DJ