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Timing Is Everything (DVD-12)

Timing Is Everything (DVD-12)

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When Preparations And Opportunity Meet

By Peter Merry

One of the most overlooked keys to a successful wedding celebration is creating an agenda that will be smooth-flowing and consistently entertaining. A well decorated reception with a poorly written time-line can result in guests becoming bored, restless, and possibly even leaving earlier than the bride and groom had desired.

Forcing a bride and groom to conform to a standard (or regional) order of events can leave them feeling frustrated and can shortchange their vision for a creating a unique and memorable experience. So how do we help them create something personalized while also ensuring their reception wont be filled with lulls and awkward pauses?

In this DVD, Peter Merry will look at why the locations layout may dictate the best order of events. He will discuss how to build energy and involvement into the agenda. He will explore some simple Plan B approaches for overcoming unforeseen timeline killers. And he will examine some suggestions for effectively incorporating the other professionals needs into the schedule.

This DVD also includes a Bonus CD-Rom with a printable PDF fill-in-the-blanks handout. This has been included to improve your retention of the content. You will also find an MP3 version of the content that you can load onto your smart phone, iPad and/or computer.